by Renata Smith, Adelaide Gordon and Nicole Buechler

Read on for the musings of our team members on their insights and experience at ObesityWeek 2014. More to follow next week...

by Szilvia Szegedi, Amy Louer and Marleny Ortega

Click on "read more" to see what three of our team members have answered to the question: "What did you learn at ObesityWeek 2014?" Check back tomorrow for more musings on ObesityWeek... 

by Chelsea Jenter, Nicole Witham, and John Livingstone

We asked our research team: "What did you learn at ObesityWeek 2014?" Their responses will be posted over the course of the next seven days.
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by Jason Block, MD, MPH

ObesityWeek is a combined meeting of The Obesity Society and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, two leading organizations that explore clinical care, research, and policies regarding obesity and related diseases. This year, the meeting was held in Boston, Massachusetts, allowing a large contingent of our Obesity Prevention Program to attend. We asked all of them:  What did you learn at Obesity Week 2014?  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting their responses.